Thursday, May 21, 2009


Our groups GOA cum KUDAL trip was the most memorable trip for me which i wont be able to forget for the time to come. Still remember how everyone was busy convincing their parents for this trip. We all met at CST station at 10:30 PM on 5th of May to catch the train for Kudal. Unfortunately didn't got to sit together in the train and all other people were around us in each and every compartment and there was no space for anyone to even move from one compartment to another to see each other. This was the first experience for me in the train to travel with people all over you and I guess for many others. Never the less it was just another experience. Then the next morning when there was little space free inside the train everyone started to move from their compartment to other to see each other. The compartment S4 was very much famous among guys for some reason and the gals were pretty much interested in knowing what was so famous there.

Then WE reached Kudal station by 10:30 in the morning and the sun was beaming on us and WE took rick to reach Komals beautiful house inside the village. Then on the very first day WE went to some temple in Kudal which was situated near a Nadi. WE did peddale boating there which was first time experience for me and I had lot of fun there as all the others had. Luckily because me and Prabodh we pedalling the boat and we were rightly balanced and so the boat didnt sinked.(Right Apu). Then WE went to have a glass of famous drink there called limboo soda and then went to the villages main temple which was the KULDAIVAT temple as they call there. Then we had dinner at one Brahmins place and the dinner there was too good and the people who were not going to eat were also not able to resist and had good dinner there. Then we had a walk to home from the dinner place and that was one more experience for me for the first time to walk on the village road in the moon light with a group of friends. We reached home then had some time together and everyone was very tired so WE all went to sleep as again next morning we had to get up early.


Next morning everyone was ready as per the time and we left for the journey in two seperate Qualis. We first visited a place called NIVITI Killa which for some reason I call it NIYATI Killa (i guess the name Niyati sounds better for me). At Niviti killa there was nothing much exiciting except WE clicking photos there(WE can start clicking photos anywhere). Then we visited a beach near Niyati killa which was really a scenic beauty. It was the best beach I visited in the entire trip. After that we left that place and went to a temple which had samadhi of someone(i know i am really bad at recollecting names). Then from there we continued our journey and went to MALVAN(its also my native place but had never been there before). We had our lunch and went to Suppis teachers place there in Malvan where everyone relaxed for sometime. From there we went to Medhacha Ganpati mandir and then to Rock garden - a place I think we should had skipped. Then from there everyone except me had a famous COCKTAIL drink at Malvan and from there WE went to one more beach in the evening which was very sandy and had a game of soccer there where our team won by a score of 1-0(all because of gaurav). I had a bad time in the soccer game where I even falled down once and all the sand went in my mouth and eyes which made me feel a little bit uneasy and restless for sometime. WE left that beach and went for the dinner at the same Brahmins place. Before reaching to the place of dinner I was feeling a bit uneasy but then after reaching there and having some food I was completely alright. Then again WE had a walk in the moon light and reached Komals place. That day I thought that everyone was enjoying but were enjoying in their own way as the travelling was not together. That night WE had decided to do masti at home but then no one seemed much enthusiastic because of the whole day travelling so all went to sleep except Me, Mitesh, Gaurav and Sanket had a game of POKER where I lost all my money in the last game. Also Apu, Ruchi, Praju, Asu and Hetal were playing their favourite games whose names I cant recollect(some bachoo games). Then after I loosing the poker game WE four went to sleep.

Next morning again everyone was ready ontime and WE started our journey to reach GOA. The in between journey to GOA was again memorable one and first time experience for many. We had to catch a ST bus to Sawantwadi first and then from Sawantwadi next ST bus to Mapsa(a place near Goa). The ST bus experience was first time one for most of them and some were even a bit afraid but luckily all went well and finally WE reached Mapsa. WE went to a hotel called RUCHIRA(the name was very famous in GOA) and we went there for lunch at lunch time but when WE got out from there it was almost a Tea time. Many of us management students had many suggestions for the hotel staff to improve on their Customer Services. After having lunch WE went to Prabodh's place and there as soon as WE reached WE played a game KHAMB KHAMB something(sorry again I forgot the name) which I played for the first time but enjoyed playing it. Then in the evening WE went to a nearby lake which again was a very beautiful place to spend time. From there WE came home and the gals of our group were going to make Pulav for everyone that day which they made and everyone enjoyed it. That night again WE had to sleep early.


The next morning WE went to South Goa. In Goa WE had a small bus in which all of us got accomodated easily and all of them were together travelling and enjoying. First WE went to see COCO BEACH which is famous for Dolphins and WE got to see few Dolphins but they were all inside the water. Again there were many more placed there which were quite famous and one which got most famous there among us was JIMMY's HOUSE. The other spots were light house, Dil Chahta Hai spot, Central Jail, Vijay Malayas ships, etc. From Cocoa beach WE went to light house where WE clicked maximum photos together. Then WE had lunch and from there WE went again to some beach where we guys played volley ball(again I played volley ball for the first time) while the gals had rest under the shade. We visited few temples, beaches on the way in South Goa(Again I dont remember the names). Then in evening time all of us reached Kalangute beach(which I call kalingar beach) which had this rides facility where all of us had adventurous time of our life. WE did paragliding(where we fly in the sky through a parachute which is attached to the boat. Hetal was very much scared but then I was able to convince her to go for the ride. WE also did scooter boat riding in the beach which most of the gals were afraid of doing but finally they all did it.(WE have very STRONGGG gals in our group.. rite apuu..). The experience at this beach was the best experience for me and I had great time here. From there WE went to have dinner in pure veg hotel (as it was saturday everyone wanted to eat veg that day). Then from there WE reached home and went to sleep after the tiring day.

In north goa WE went to old goa (place where the movie josh was shot) which is again a scenic beauty. WE first went to book our tickets for the cruise ship for which all of us were excited. As the ticket counter was closed WE went to a nearby garden and all of us enjoyed the kid rides there. Then WE booked the cruise tickets and went to a church where sunday mass was going on. The church was very beautiful (I like to go to the churches) and I got to know many new things over there. After that WE went to two other temples one being Shantadurga mandir (the other one I forgot) which were the famous temples there. After offering prayers in the temple WE went to have lunch. WE had lunch and from there the bus driver took us to some museum which no one of us was interested to visit as all of them were having good time inside the bus dedicating songs to each other. But finally WE decided to get out of the bus at Colva beach which was the worst beach I visited in Goa. They say that this beach ranks 2nd in Goa. The crowd here was unbearable and still WE were sitting there. Then WE left to Dona Pola which was again very beautiful place one should visit. This place had a history behind it that two lovers Dona and Pola had commited suicide at this place. After visiting Dona Pola WE went to Cruise Ship (the name was PARADISE SHIP) for which everyone was excited and waiting for. Cruise ship was great fun where WE danced in new style of GOAN dancing and 1 hour was far tooo less for us in the ship. From there WE went to have dinner and went home. That was our last night in GOA.

The next morning WE all left in our bus to the Thivim station. On the way WE went to Prabodh's uncle's place who greeted everyone with icecreams and also showed us their icecream factory. From there WE went to the railway station and caught the train to reach home. The whole day in the train was enjoyable and WE were having a very good time altogether. WE played cards, then again WE played POKER(this time I didnt lost any money), WE sung many songs and had talks with each other. The time in train was going good until WE reached Panvel station where Sanket had to get down. The feeling that everyone got after his depature cannot be expressed in words. After that the entire group got emotional and I wont be able to express those emotions in words here. Then Kalyan kumars got down at Thane station. I was going to get down directly at CST station first but just for few more moments with everyone I decided to get down at Dadar station. Said a good bye to everyone at Dadar and I came back home by 10:30 PM and yes my Mom and Dad had big SMILE on their face to see me back home.

This was a lifetime trip for me and the two years with you all guys were also most exciting and memorable days of my life. I still dont want to believe that it has ended and just wanted it to go on and on. But thats how the life goes. I am accepting this fact and moving ahead and wish all of you a great success and happiness for the time to come. LONG LIVE OUR FRIENDSHIP...!!!

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  1. Very nice Travelouge by Pratik. Really appreceable. This Konkan & Goa trip could be one of he best trips for everyone & i am not an exception to it. For 2 years WE were closely associated with each others, WE shared pleasure & pain & i think this trip was a superb climax to our 2 years freindship. The close relationship of 2 years could not have ended by any other better way. Sentiments ridden moments at the end stood as explicit witness for affection, involvement one has with each other & for entire group.
    2 years time span went in a hurry. Certainly everybody must be feeling to get back this time. But all desires never come true. And it is better to keep them unfullfilled. Afterall we can't revert back the time cycle. What we can is make future time more memorable & adorable.

    The trip was meant for a memorable end of freindship
    But not all ends turn out to end.
    This trip was one of such ends.
    The end has embarked a new age of our freindship
    Like an end of a spectacular fuul moon night gives birth to a wonderful day....
    Long Live Our Friendship.... We will Rock....
    Regards Sanket.